#dailyblackout one

Halle woke up to the usual slam of some door–today, it happened to be the fridge. “Mom, where’s the milk?” “I don’t know, the fridge?” Halle’s mom, Lilia, shouted back, exasperated. Halle’s eyes rolled, almost of their own accord, and then she closed them, hoping to ignore the world and it her. To Halle’s chagrin, […]

Why Five Minutes?

You want to know? It’s simple, really. It’s five minutes of kindness. Once every twenty-four hours or so (give or take), every single human does one kind thing for another human–at the same time. I suppose that means you can see why joy and sadness are the result. I’ll tell you their stories.

Just Five Minutes

It started as a whisper. People muttering in bars, libraries, around the proverbial water coolers. “Something happened. I don’t know what.” “I feel like i lost five minutes of my life.” And then: “How about you?” Five minutes every day, lost. 50 Vines, thousands of pictures on Instagram, posts on Facebook and Tumbler and Reddit…poof. No […]


This is a song i wrote with the help of my friend, Duncan. If you are familiar with Waycross songs, some of these lines should be familiar. Each song is used only once, but not all songs are used. They are listed, in order (chorus only once) after the song itself. When life is cold […]

Driving is Responsibility.

A few weeks ago, i got in my first car accident. Then i banged up the car again, being further irresponsible. My dad told me i had to write a two-page essay, explaining exactly why i should be allowed to drive again, proving my responsibility. My parents told me to get it published, but i […]

An Interesting Case of the Magentas.

At four o’clock in the morning yesterday, I was on my computer, as usual, quietly typing away and drinking Mountain Dew in order to stay up and finish a rather large chunk of the game I’m building currently. I minimized the program in order to change the song; though I love the 60s at most […]